Mobile Game – Clean The Space Debris

Idea: A Mobile Game for cleaning up the space debris around the earth, err.. but course in 2 dimensions.

Concept: on 18th Sept 2018 this video was published.

This shows how a satellite throws a net to capture space debris. But it does not say:

  1. What the satellite does with the debris? Does it let the net go with it, making the net also essentially.. a debris.. ? Or it throws away debris deep in the space and reuse the net?
  2. What happens to the satellite when it throws the net? or when it pushes the debris in the space? The satellite experiences the same force in the opposite direction?

My idea of cleaning up space: The satellite should have 6 giant legs, like a spider. and there should be a net tied up on those 6 legs. So when the legs are wide open (sorry for the language :-D), the net will be tight as a trampoline and when the legs are little but inside towards each other, the net will be like a bowl, ready to catch the debris. The Satellite should also have solar panels which powers the legs so that they can bend inward and outward with great force, 1st to catch a debris and then to push it into the deep space. But hear lies the biggest problem, in space, the satellite will also get the push back (Newton’s 3rd law). So the satellite should use this backward push to reach to the next debris. And to change the orientation, the satellite has some quantity of gas to release and align itself. (Remember George Clooney in the movie – Gravity?)

The Game: So this mobile game is based on the challenges of Cleaning up the space. (In India, we still could not clean up the rivers.. but yeah let’s try cleaning up space)

The game contains a 2D space(screen of the phone/iPad), a Satellite(2D) which has 2 legs and a rubber band/elastic string attached to it. It also has Gas to change the orientation (like steering a satellite in different direction). But the Gas is limited, say 100. The more steering will cause the Gas to deplete faster. User will have control to change the orientation which will cost Gas. User will have controls (a) to catch the debris when the elastic string comes in contact of the debris and (b) to release the debris with full power in outer space. No Gas will be used to push the debris (imagine unlimited supply of push power coming straight from solar panels). But the push means Satellite goes back with same momentum. The Satellite is of fixed weight, say 5. The debris are of different weights say, 1-50. And force f which Satellite will apply on debris is also fixed say 5. so based on force = mass x acceleration, Debris and Satellite will move in opposite directions.

When the game starts Debris and satellite are not moving with respect to each other. In other words, the Satellite and Debris are revolving around the earth but the Game screen is in the frame of reference of Satellite and Debris’s initial position. When a debris is pushed far enough the points will be awarded to the player. When the Satellite runs out of Gas, the game is over. If the Satellite is drifted beyond point of no return, from the Debris, the Game is over.

Later Development: More feature can be introduced later like, (a) trajectory other satellites are shown on the screen and those satellites will come on the screen periodically. Player should make sure the moving debris and Satellite does not crash with them.

Trajectories of Satellite and Debris are straight lines because there is no gravity in this. (what a relief.. otherwise the game would look like Angry Bird: Space).. (but now it will look like Snooker)

Funding for development of this Game: Now that the most interesting part of this. I do not have money to pay you (surprise !! ), but if you think you can collaborate with me on this Game, give me shout in the comments or email me.