Cuss words removal from Video Streaming Services

Idea: Remove or beep out the cuss words from the movies and shows on video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc.

Problem Statement: On video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, there are plenty of shows which are fun watch for children and many a times they are rated as 12+ but there are shows who managed to get 12+ ratings even with one or two occasional cuss words like F-word. Other than this there plenty cuss words like A**, goddamn, A**Ho**, Sh**. Eg. The Martian, Almost all Marvels movies, Jurassic World, Star Wars.

Solution: While playing 12+ rated movies, the streaming should ask the user if they want to mute the foul language. If selected yes, while playing the movie, all the cuss words will be muted (audio) and subtitles will be skipped.

How to do it: This feature can be made in a couple ways

  1. User input based. Few hundred active users should be chosen as beta tester users and should be given option to sign up for this job. (e.g. Whatsapp has this beta tester option) Such beta testers should be able to watermark the video for foul language. The users can be given small reward for this work to keep them motivated like say extra 1 day of their subscription against say 10 watermarks. Here watermarking means tagging a video for foul language, exactly at the time when the cuss words appear.
  2. AI and Machine learning approach: This approach is being used in Youtube while generating automated subtitles. The cost of this method can reduced further by writing program which read through the subtitle file and then narrow down the search for the cuss words in the video and process only that much.
  3. Combination of approach 1 and 2: In approach 2 mentioned above our software will index all the movies and shows and approximate time stamps when the cuss words may appear. ( Finding out the exact time of appearance by reading through the subtitle may not be possible because the subtitle file only mentions the start time and end time of the subtitle line display, so we will take approximation). Once the approximate timestamps are available, streaming player will notify the Beta Testers, 1-2 minutes before that the cuss word is about to appear. Beta Testers can then tag the cuss words using a button on the screen, by just one touch.