Parental Guide for Movies

Idea: A very intuitive and easy web application for instant Parent Guide about Hollywood and Indian movies.

Problem Statement: All the countries have Movies Rating system which gives rating to the movies based on the content appropriation for different demographic. The rating systems are flawed and movie makers regularly bypass them.

Example of the problem: in US and UK PG13 and 12/12A are similar rating but movies like The Martian, Interstellar, Gravity, Marvel Comic Movies and many more are able to achieve this rating in spite of  having abusive language like F-word and A**, B**, son-of-a**.

In India the system simply has U, UA and A which is even more flawed because movies like Ishaqzaade, Action-Jackson, Stree, Sanju, Sonu ke Titu etc always manage to get UA rating but are certainly not appropriate for children because of either drug abuse(Sanju) or Violence(Action-Jackson) or sexist content(Sonu ke Titu..). Also, there is not centralized database for checking the CBFC rating of Indian Movies. It is 2018 and still google result for “all Bollywood movies with their CBFC rating” does not come back with appropriate result. Even wikipedia page of e.g. Sanju does not have CBFC rating.

Solution: A simple and Intuitive web application with List of English and Hindi movies with information about inappropriate content. This application should also have user input so that people can add their feedback and the total result will be the average of all the responses.

Every movie will display categories like Violence, Sex & Nudity, Abusive Language, Drug Abuse Horror, Sexism, Casteism and Racism, Religious Intolerance etc. All these parameters are on the scale of 1-10, 10 being the most inappropriate for children.

High level design: The web app has a homepage for user and an admin page. Homepage lists all the latest movies, say 5 movies per page( in order of being added to the db) and a search option. Admin page is password protected for the admin, for adding new movie. On Home page, user has “Give Your Rating” button for each movie. User needs to register using google/facebook account for entering his/her rating.

(To Be Continue… )